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The optimisation of your geoscience data workflow

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Our Team

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Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Geoscience Data Services is a certified acQuire Nova Network Partner 

Our Services

Geoscience Data Services provides geoscientific data management services to the natural resources industry. Your company’s resource and drilling data is one of its most valuable assets. It is probable that most of your data’s value is lost in a multitude of spreadsheets, databases and separate systems that aren’t integrated through a data management strategy.  

Geoscience Data Services will help you create effective data management policies, procedures, and processes to ensure that your data remains accurate, secure, accessible, and usable for modelling and analytical insights. Geoscience Data Services provides you with the skills and framework to improve the quality of your data to gain higher efficiency and to streamline your data capture and flow from field to office.

Geoscience Data Services data management services cater for the entire natural resource data management lifecycle. These include:

· Delivering data migration solutions for seamless transitions between platforms

· Design and implementation of geoscientific data management strategy and architecture

· Gathering workflow requirements to identify improvements

· Auditing of data, quality assurance and validation

· Establishing business process to ensure industry best practise data governance

· Improving and ensuring data quality throughout the implementation

· Geoscientific data and workflow optimisation

· Pre and post implementation services to optimise your data management solution

· Configure, develop and the use of the acQuire online GIM Suite managed environment

· Expert advice on the collection, management and extraction of geoscientific data

· Effective project management (PRINCE2 & AGILE accredited) for successful project delivery

· Deliver customised, high standard of training and mentoring in data management practices and the use of acQuire’s GIM Suite. 


Geoscience Data Services will help you develop rigorous data management practices to gain a complete view of your most valuable asset whilst maximising operational efficiencies, and providing valuable insights.

· Improved communication

· Enhanced preservation of your asset

Our Team

Geoscience Data Services’ Director and Principal Geoscientist, Ed Grantham founded the company to provide geoscientific data management skills, knowledge and experience to a wide range of clients. Geoscience Data Services along with its network of expert associates are able to deliver projects of any size, large or small.

As Principal Geoscientist, Ed has over a decade of experience managing and implementing enterprise level data management software solutions across oil and gas, mining and mineral exploration industries. Ed spent over seven years with acQuire Technology Solutions Ltd as a Principal Geoscientific Data Analyst, delivering services through the full project cycle from requirements analysis, sales, implementation, support and training. Ed has delivered successful data management solutions for Rio Tinto, Anglo American, Eldorado Gold, Kazzinc, Kinross Gold, Orano, Teck and others. 

Our History

Launched in 2017, Geoscience Data Services Ltd was created to deliver exceptional quality data management solutions to the mining and energy industries. 


Our Partnerships

Geoscience Data Services is a certified acQuire Nova Network Partner. As a Nova Partner, Geoscience Data Services is able to offer data management services in all stages of project development including pre and post implementation services and training using the acQuire GIM Suite. Mining and Exploration companies can optimise their GIM Suite solution by engaging Geoscience Data Services as a trusted and certified Nova Network Partner with the confidence that our work is supported by acQuire Technology Solutions.

Geoscience Data Services can provide you with a cost-effective, scalable, online data management solutions to meet your needs. We offer a complete data administration service for all your natural resources related data utilising industry leading acQuire’s GIM Suite in an online managed environment. 

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